Q: What is Christmas Village Toy Store?
A: Christmas Village Toy Stores provide a “hand up” for Pitt County families who want to purchase affordable new toys for their children at Christmas. Rather than simply giving a handout of toys to at-risk families, we believe in empowering families to purchase Christmas gifts for their own children. Donated toys will be sold at deeply discounted prices. The funds generated will be reinvested back into the stores, giving job opportunities to some of these same families to work in the store, while the training and experience they receive from being employed by the Christmas Store will expand their employable skills.

Q: I am purchasing toys and then you will sell them at the Christmas Village Toy Store?
A: Yes, but they will be a drastically reduced prices. The proceeds from the Christmas Village Toy Store will be used to hire local (community) employees and give them some income for Christmas. They will be earning their income by working at the store. Skills used at the Christmas Village Toy Store can be used on their resume they will actually be hired by the Toy Store.

Q: Can I just print ornaments with the wish list and bring gifts I purchased to the store?
A: Yes, ornaments can be printed for Boys, Girls, Kidz Shoppe, or Giving. Bring new, unwrapped gifts to our drop-off location. The deadline for Pitt County is December 2, 2018.

Q: Who is selected to shop at the Christmas Village Toy Store? How do I apply to receive an invitation?
A: Our goal this year is to distribute 300 invitations to organizations and agencies that support families in need.

Q: What volunteer opportunities are available?
A:We need volunteers in the areas of store preparation and store operations. See this page for more details.

Q: I received an invitation. How much can I spend?
A: Each invitation allows the shopper a limit of $50 cash.